Time Management Is The Key

I hope you are keeping up with whatever type of cardio you are comfortable with. If you have been a week or two into the exercise routine you might have noticed the time constraint. I have experienced it too and I take a totally different approach for it.

My belief when it comes to losing weight and maintaining it is to do things that I can continue in the long run. A person with 9 am to 6 pm job can’t be very much consistent with exhausting gym sessions after a workday so I believe in working out at home or going for run in parks because they don’t have time constraint. I can workout at my home anytime I want and I only have to slip into my shoes and workout clothes. I don’t have to be particular about my appearance and I don’t have to worry about how people perceive me. I also don’t have to worry about reaching gym on a certain time because if I do that then all I will do is stress and worry about being on time; I will not enjoy my workout.

That said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join gym. If gym can sit nicely in your daily schedule without disrupting other important aspects of your daily life then you should definitely opt for gym.  My point here is that you need to discover what you can incorporate in your daily schedule and continue it for long run. I often use this word “long run” and I should elaborate here what I mean by it. By this “long run” I mean at least 8 to 12 months.

Key: Losing weight is not just about reducing calories intake and working out; it is a lot more about time management.


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