Be Patient!

Be Patient!

Before you start your weight loss journey with my plan, I want to clarify that following my plan will take you 6 months to achieve results but those results will be sustainable. I am not a big supporter of shortcuts as they will harm your vital organs.

Now that you have eliminated the hidden friends of Mr. Obesity, you can begin your battle with him. This post is continuation of my previous post so if you don’t understand what I mean, go back and read that first as it is an important step.

To begin your journey you need few essentials and by essentials I mean just a pair of workout shoes, a weighing machine, measuring tape and workout trouser and shirt. These were the things I began with and in reality these were the only things I ever used to lose my weight. Next step is to weigh and measure yourself with measuring tape and write it down somewhere. Later, this will help you track your progress and become a source of encouragement.

You can begin with any cardio exercise you want as Cardio is essential for losing weight. On your journey, there will be a point when you will need to add other types of exercise like Aerobics, Resistance training, etc. but don’t jump to them now in hopes of achieving all at once. Everything cannot be achieved in a day, so have patience; you will get there as long as you don’t give up.

Cardio exercises include running (on treadmill or in park), Elliptical intervals, cycling etc. As the name suggest, it is a type of exercise which will increase your heart rate to burn calories.

Question here arise what should you do? I am not going to tell you to do this or do that. This is a decision you need to make. My piece of advice here is to do whatever you can continue in long run. Start with 10 minutes cardio. Don’t overwhelm yourself by doing more than your body can handle on first day as it will result in excessive body pain which will keep you from working out for next couple of days. When your body gets used to 10 minutes, it is an indicator that you need to increase the time of your cardio.

If you are tempted to overdo exercise, tell yourself this:

You didn’t gain this weight in a day so you won’t lose it in a day; be patient!

P.S. I know the title of the post is very contradictory to the weight loss theme, but there is a reason for it; I don’t want anyone to give up the workout after first day which has happened to me a lot of time. Don’t worry; I will push you for hard work when I need to.



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